The Practical Potions, E-Course Apprentice Ship, Adventure

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The Apprentice Ship Adventure Includes:

All Aboard the Practical Potions

E-Course, Apprentice Ship Adventure!

What is in the Full Practical Potions, E-Course, Apprentice Ship Adventure?
  • Write ups of each essential oil and carrier oil
  • Pictures of plants for identification and pleasure
  • Videos on the properties of essential oils
  • Exercises to develop your scent memory
  • Meditations to meet the Council of Plants and establish spirit guides
  • Video demonstrations on how to use essential oils
  • A Practical Potions Journal with recipes and ideas
  • Songs, games, charts - by other students
  • Student Projects - to ground the oils into your life and connect with the plant devas
  • Teachings from 2 alternative health teachers and authors, who have been teaching and creating for more than 50 years, combined
  • Over 70 hours of equivalent classroom teaching
  • Fairies, devas, flowers, a crone goddess, and an elusive wizard
  • Certification for successful completion of the Apprentice Ship E-Course by the Northern Star College

The Practical Potions, E-Course, Apprentice Ship Adventure, will give you credit toward a diploma in the Earth Spirit Medicine Program, at The Northern Star College. The Earth Spirit Medicine Program, runs only once every 3 years and will start again in September, 2017.

$1,295.00 Canadian

There are no refunds for The Apprentice Ship Adventure - Take a Free Cruise, to try before you buy!

All Aboard the Pleasure Cruise Now!

What is in the Full Practical Potions E-Course, Pleasure Cruise Adventure?
  • Contains the same information as the Apprentice Ship Adventure
  • Does not require homework
  • Does not include certification

$895.00 Canadian

There are no refunds for The Pleasure Cruise - Take a Free Cruise, to try before you buy!


Taught by Robert Rogers – a woodsy, herbalist with a wizardly glint and Laurie Szott-Rogers a faery-sized, aromatherapist with a pantry of potions.