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The ​Northern Star College has recently developed E-Courses in our Astrology and Earth Spirit Medicine Programs. We can now come to you, wherever you live!

If you've always wanted to dive deeper into your relationship with yourself and the cosmos, delve into the Astrology Program with Catherine Potter. Begin with Astrological Foundations and continue with Practical Mysticism, where you will be able to audit or achieve certification. 

If you are attracted to creating home products with essential oils, try the Practical Potions E-Course.  Turn routines like brushing your teeth and bathing into aromatic experiences.  Receive in-depth write ups, videos and transformational exercises.  Taught by Robert Rogers and Laurie Szott-Rogers.

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​Astrology Foundations

Explore the ancient art of astrology.

​Astrology &
Practical Mysticism

Feed your mystic with this 4 month on-line course plus one weekend workshop Birth, Death and the Place In Between.  Each week you will receive a lesson that has you look at astrology in a holistic way. Topics include: Astrology and the Chakras, Energy Medicine, Karmic choice or Conscious choice, and more...

The Astrology Program
with Catherine Potter

​Practical Potions
An Aromatic E-Course

Explore the pleasurable and healing art of Aromatherapy. Bring the potent and disinfecting aspects of essential oils into your home and toss out the harsh chemicals. Heighten your creativity as you learn to work with natural, plant extracts and save money too!  Read more and sign up for a free chapter!

The Earth Spirit Medicine Program

with Robert Rogers & Laurie Szott-Rogers

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